Time for Change : Goals and Changes

Time for a Change

These past few weeks have been difficult. Very difficult. I’ve realized that I have lost myself. Lately, I have not been the cute, funny, bubbly kind of person that I am. I haven’t been super excited about new scientific discoveries. Or, told any long and boring history lessons.

My Mental Health has changed me. After suffering for so many years, I’ve finally hit the bottom. Where life is an impossible task. The only thing holding me here is my family and friends. Without them, I would only be a memory.

The depression and anxiety has pushed me to stop talking to my friends, and to avoid social interactions. I isolated myself. Because of this, I depended heavily on my partner. My former partner.

This has taught me to not lose yourself while fighting mental illness. Continue visiting your friends, loved ones, and be outgoing. My happiest moments are those where I’ve pushed through my mental illness. I did something exciting and different. Go on an adventure! Try new things! Do something different.

I know that there are things that I could have done. It’s too late to change the past; I’ll change my future instead. I have decided to journal. It will be a way for me to get in touch with my feelings and goals. How I will not lose sight of myself again. This will be my way back to the surface when I am drowning. My lifejacket. When it feels like all is lost, I will look back in my journal. There I will find proof that things will get better. It will be my source of




February Goals

  1. Be with friends 2-3 times a week.
  2. Drink a lot more water
  3. Eat healthy
  4. Go to the gym consistently 6x a week
  5. Start a Vlog Channel
  6. Read a good book
  7. Practice French with a Friend
  8. Meditate and practice yoga each morning
  9. Wake up earlier to take advantage of the sun light. (more about this later)
  10. Work on being more confident

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