exam prep

Exam Preparation: What you Need to do to Succeed

exam prep

Exam Prep

It’s important to be very prepared ahead of your exams.  Not only does it keep you organized, but it also gets you started on the right foot.

Make sure that all of your notes are together and properly arranged.  If you have a lot of time between now and your exams.  Write out one page summaries or equation lists for each chapter or topic.  This will be wonderful to use as a review once you’ve studied your notes.  Highlight and create post-it notes for the key concepts and words.  This will make them stand out.

When I study I will always bring all of my textbooks and binders.  It’s important to use all available information while studying.  Other awesome resources include websites like KhanAcademy where large amounts of useful information is available for all sorts of subjects. I depended on Khan Academy throughout my High School and Undergraduate degree. It helped me so much!


exam prep



Set up to study somewhere quiet and distraction free.  Check out your school’s library, and local coffee shops.  Make sure to go somewhere where you won’t be distracted by friends.   I love to study in the business building at my university, even if I was a science student.  The building was full of windows and natural light.  It helped me stay focused.

Have pens, pencils, highlighter and markers with you.  Markers are amazing because they make bigger text and are full of colour.  I love to use them while making those summary pages I mentioned above. I’ll even doodle to make it prettier.  I will use only solid white paper.  I find it easier to read compared to lined paper.

Bring your laptop or tablet to study.  Or, use the ones available at your library.  A lot of school material and professors depend on the internet.  Materials are now sent via email or education’s institutions sites. I found it super useful to have my laptop in class and to study.  All my notes are typed and I print them off.  Since my writing is well s***.  It helps a lot.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a laptop or a tablet.  Here are some great options.



The ASUS F555LA 15.6 Full HD Laptop  : is wonderful.  My boyfriend has this one and absolutely loves it.   He’s also a very techie guy completing his Degree in computers.  I trust ASUS as a brand.  If you’re looking for a great Windows computer.  Check this one out!

Apple MacBook Air 13 Inch: If you’re thinking about getting a MacBook. This is the one to choose. It’s powerful, thin and portable.  They come with IMovie which is wonderful for editing videos.  This is the newer version of my laptop.  If mine ever breaks, (It’s already 5 years old and still working perfectly), I will definitely be purchasing another.



Apple iPad Air 2: I love the iPad Air.  It’s light and beautiful.  This tablet will be great for studying, searching up concepts and watching videos.  The App Store also contains tons of free and paid apps to help you succeed in school!



I never bring my cellphone to study sessions, or I leave it hidden away in my bag.  It is a huge distraction.  I would highly suggest you do the same.  You will notice how dependent we are on our cell phones when you put it away for an hour or two.

I love to bring a hot beverage with me while studying in the winter.  It keeps me awake and warm.  I will keep a package of tea in my bag throughout the year.  There are kettles available throughout my campus and I will often make myself a cup.  Also, bring enough healthy food and snacks to keep you from being hungry. It’s so hard to study when hungry.

Since it’s winter, and super cold where I live, I will always bring a small fleece blanket to school.  I find that I study better when I am not focused on how cold the study room is.  



I hope that these tips are helpful.  Good luck with your exams!





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fitness plan

A Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle: My fitness plan and How I stay motivated

My Fitness Story

I’ve always been an active person growing up.  It wasn’t until the last couple of years that I haven’t been working out daily.  I used to swim competitively. Yes, like Michael Phelps. I even have the lanky limbs.  So, I was a member of the varsity team for a number of years. I also played tennis, volleyball and soccer.  Therefore, I have a lot of experience with being active.

However, a year before entering university, I severely injured my elbow. I continued to train despite the pain.  I was supposed to get invasive surgery to repair it but the doctor refused to perform it because of the possible consequences.  And so, these last few years I’ve had to suffer through the injury.  It has improved slightly.  But I still cannot do a push up or lift anything over 20 odd pounds. It sucks!

Since I haven’t really been active in about a year.  I’ve found myself gaining some unnecessary weight and with less energy. So, I decided to join a GoodLife gym.

lazy fitness

My Fitness Plan

Currently, I am working out 5 days a week. I make sure to write down all of my gym sessions in my planner.  It helps me not only to stay organized but the fact that it’s written motivates me to go.  I am rotating between arms/back, abs, legs, and cardio days.  Each session is roughly one hour.  I begin each workout with 15 minutes of cardio (bike or treadmill).

Planners: At-A-Glance Amazon, Pink Planner Amazon.



My goal is to gain lean muscle while losing some extra fat. I want to focus on my butt, arms and back.  My hope is to accomplish my goal by march break.  So, I hope to put in as much effort and time as necessary.  I am making lifestyle changes, not just changes in appearance.

I specified march break not because I want to be fit by that date.  But rather, my personal trainer and I believe that this time frame is realistic.

I’ll keep you all updated on my progress.  Keep on eye for future fitness, food and motivational posts. Don’t forget, subscribe to get access to free exclusive material.

Worksheets are available via subscription.   Join by signing up ! 🙂




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How To Get Out Of A Rut: Helpful Tips and Tricks



I think almost everyone knows what it’s like to be in rut.  Perhaps, it’s because of school, work, friends, and/or mental health issues.  Personally, I go through a “rut” about once a year.  Usually it’s caused by stress.  If you are currently going through a tough time.  Or, in the future, realize that you are in a rut.  Here are some of my tips to help bounce back.

First of all.  Is it a rut that you are in, or is it something more? If it is more than a rut, it would be helpful to see a professional.  These tips will still be helpful in that case.


Be Social

I know, I know, being social is probably the last thing that you want to do right now. But, by surrounding yourself with good friends, (avoid the toxic ones), it will distract you and comfort you. Don’t be afraid to tell those who you trust about what is going on.  They may put a greater effort into including you in activities.  They should also understand why you may not call them as much, or feel like hanging out.

Try going for coffee with a friend.  This is how I’ve been able to rekindle a few friendships.  I had a period of time where I barely spoke to my friends. I rarely got out of the house.  So, I made sure to tell them what was happening. They understood. When I was ready, they were still there for me.


Be Adventurous

If your day to day activities only include school/work, food and Netflix. It’s a good idea to add some adventure to your life.  (That you actually go on. Not the actors on TV).  It can be as simple as going for a walk on a new trail, beach or area.  Try hiking.  Visit new villages surrounding the city. Check out their bakeries and the little shops.  Invite friends over to play board games.  Try to get out of the house each day or every second.

This will not only keep you active, but it will also help increase your mood.  The hardest part is getting out the door.  Once out, trust me, you will enjoy it.


Remove Stresses

Stress causes many negative consequences on your physical and mental health.  If there’s something that is stressing you out, school, work or friend related; try to fix it.  Actively trying to fix situations will help end them quicker.  If it’s typical daily stress.  Eat well, relax, and exercise.  Take care of yourself.





Christmas Gift Ideas: For Her

 If you’re struggling to find that perfect gift for her.  Here are some neat ideas.


Wonderful sound, small and easy to transport.  I don’t know what I would do without it.

Bose Soundlink mini bluetooth speaker – Amazon

I found that after getting an Ereader I began to read so much more.  It’s small and easy to carry in a purse.

I would use mine constantly on trips.

Kindle PaperWhite Ereader – Amazon

No, guys aren’t the only ones who enjoy video games.  This system is wonderful.

There are games available for all types of games and skill.

Playstation 4 Slim 500GB  – Amazon


Who doesn’t love perfume? This one smells absolutely amazing.

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Eau de Parfume  -Amazon

For a less expensive perfume, this one is great.  Reminds me of a cozy winter night.

Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck – Amazon

This beautiful perfume would be a wonderful gift.  All that needs to be said. It’s Miss Dior.

Miss Dior Eau de Toilette – Amazon


This palette has been popular for years now.  The colours are perfect for this time of year.

It allows her to be more creative!

Naked 2 Palette –  Urban Decay


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Study like a Pro: How to get a 4.0 GPA

The thing about school is, sometimes it’s not about how much you understand, but how well you can memorize.  This is very common in the sciences and in the arts.  You’re required to memorize tons of dates, definitions and equations.  Some of you, are wonderful at memorizing.  It takes some only a few revisions to memorize an entire concept.  Others, however, are strengths sadly do not include memorization.  Here I will be considering both kinds of courses. Those that require understanding of concepts and those that only require memorization.

The key to success is to determine what the professor expects of you.  Take the time to study everyday and take advantage of all resources available.  I will be going into further detail with each in this article.




Procrastination is probably the worst thing for your studies.  We all do it. Me included.  But surfing the web for 20 minutes after each 15 minutes of work really cuts into your study time.  Here are my tips to tackle procrastination.  The majority of people need to study to succeed.

Have a consistent Study Schedule

not only is this important because it keeps you organized, but it forces you to avoid procrastinating.  Since you only have so much time to do so each day.  I’ve been loving my Brownline Academic Monthly Planner.  I would highly suggest getting one. It has enough space to write out everything you need and still be pretty. (Cause that’s obviously a requirement for me….) Try to start studying a week before the test date.  I know it can be hard. But even a quick 30 minute review will be super helpful!

Turn off all distractions

Turn off your phone and computer.  I will be going over my note taking routine in another post.  With that said, I would suggest either printing out your notes or writing them by hand to avoid any distractions.  During intense study sessions I will go as far as to leave my phone in my car or at home.  The text messages can wait, and Facebook can wait.  If you absolutely need to have your phone on you.  Either because you might receive an important phone call, or you have yet to figure out how to live without your cell. Place it under your books across the table.  Out of sight, out of mind.


Be Organized

I know how hard it can be to stay organized when all of your papers are all over the place.  Use a nice binder or notebook.  Keep everything well organized.  Not only is it easier for you to study when things are in order.  Are brains seem to like organization and cleanliness.  If you like using highlighters. Don’t go crazy with it.  It’s useful to highlight the most important key points.  Not an entire page.  If you have really bad hand writing, type out your notes.


Stay Healthy

Make sure that you are eating well and getting enough sleep.  Don’t be running on caffeine.  It’s only a temporary solution.  It doesn’t help in the long run, especially if you develop a caffeine addiction.  Try to eat as properly as possible.  I know that when you’re super busy it’s much easier to order fast food.  Instead, pick up a salad at Subway. You can also go to your local groceries store for their pre-made meals. They are usually inexpensive and offer healthy options.

Get enough sleep.  I would set a curfew where I couldn’t study after that specific time.  This allowed me to relax and to get my mind off of things.  Get off of your electronics one hour before bed.  Try reading, preparing your lunch or taking a bath.  While sleeping, do not check your phone.  I now keep my phone across the room while I sleep.  If I do look at the bright screen in the middle of the night I end up being wide awake.

Study Every day

You should be continuously reviewing course work in each course throughout the semester.  Do not leave it till the last week.  It is a ton of information.  We would have five 3-hour finals at the end of the semester.  It is impossible to memorize all of the information within the last week of school.  Start super early.


Find a Favorite Study Spot

Most people find “their” spot in university.  Mine was a super quiet area with large tables.  The place was empty all throughout the year except during exam period.  All I wanted to do then was yell out “Get out of my house!”.  With that said, create a habit of going to this spot throughout the year, not just during finals.  Make sure that this place is free from distractions and quiet.



Study Groups/ Solo Work

From my experience, it’s best to work solo during the days leading up to a test.  Too many times have I gone to a group study session where most of the people are just talking.  I find that groups are only beneficial when they stay on task and everyone is quite familiar with the material.  I would schedule a group session one or two days before the test.  I would be quite ready for the exam by this point.  This study group is more of a review of the material.  If there are any concepts that I do not understand, it would be the time to ask.


Memorizing and Understanding

This really depends on the course and the professor.  I’ve been in some courses where you didn’t have to understand a thing as long as you memorized the proper answers.  While others, you can memorize all you want but you need to understand the concept to answer a question.  If you need to memorize your notes.  Work section by section.  Quiz yourself.  Have your friends quiz each other.  It’s all about repetition.  If you understand the information, of course, you will have an easier time memorizing the concept.

If you need to really understand the concepts in detail.  Draw illustrations.  Create lists of explanations.  Teach these concepts to other.  Someone should be willing to sit there and nod even if they don’t understand a thing.  (Thank you dad for sitting through so many study sessions).

Start at the end

I find it more useful to start at the newest material.  It should be quite fresh and requires less time to review.  Complete this task first to leave more time for the older material.


Use all available resources

I love khan academy.  I’ve used it so much throughout my degree.  It helped me especially in Fine Arts and Math. Make sure to use all available resources provided by your professor.  Check out the extra links and videos.  READ YOUR TEXTBOOK.  Seriously.  In most classes it is super beneficial.


I hope these tips will help you this semester! Good luck!  Do you have any tips that you swear by? Where is your secret study spot!?



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Exam Anxiety: How to Manage Test Anxiety

I struggled a lot with test anxiety.  I’ve had panic attacks during the middle of a final and had to run out.  I’ve had complete blanks of my material and failed to answer a single question.  It took me almost four years of university before I was able to control my anxiety.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have anxiety. But, it doesn’t cause me to get bad grades anymore.  I’ve been able to reduce my anxiety and control my panic attacks. This not only helped me in terms of school, but it also impacted my daily life.  I have gained the skills necessary to control my anxiety throughout the day.

If you have ever suffered from any kind of anxiety, you understand how difficult it is to manage.  You feel powerless. The intense sensation of panic and dread.  It’s hard to focus on anything.  While most people have had anxious moments where high pressured situations causes you to panic. Others, like myself, have anxious moments during normal daily activities.  For example, I would panic if my gas tank was low and I was too far from “my” gas station.  I had an intense fear of not knowing what to do at a new gas station. (Yes, I’m very aware that they are virtually all the same.) But that’s anxiety.  I have no control over it.

Why? How does anxiety work? If you’ve never felt this way. It can sound pretty strange to be terrified of going to a gas station.  Anxiety is caused by a “fight or flight” response.  Your body increases it’s heart rate, blood pressure and slows digestion. Preparing to go.  The catch is, it can happen during odd tasks.  Or, the feeling can be so overwhelming that it will cause a panic attack.  For example, during an exam.


So, here are my tips to you.  Hopefully these will help you.  Even if you do not have anxiety, these are very good tips to succeed in school.


I will be creating a post about how to prepare for an exam as a part two! Coming soon xox!



Before the Test

It’s important to have a routine before a test.  Something that you can rely on.  Personally, change can cause my anxiety to increase.  The goal here is to stay calm, and to trust yourself.

  1. Stay Hydrated : For obvious reasons
  2. Stop Studying 30 minutes before the test and go for a walk. (Clear your mind, and calm down)
  3. Ask your school for accommodations to write in a separate room
  4. Take deep breaths to calm the jitters
  5. Avoid talking to other students about the material
  6. Remind yourself about all the studying you’ve done. You can fall back on that
  7. Listen to some relaxing music to keep you from thinking too much

During the Test

  1. Prior to looking at the sheets, take a few moments to breath
  2. Answer the questions that you see that are easy, build your confidence
  3. If you don’t quite remember the answer, start working on it. You might remember it. If not, come back to it.
  4. If you get a private room, walk around.  Walking can help reduce anxiety
  5. Bring a small snack to a longer exam, you don’t want to have to worry about being hungry too
  6. Have some candy, the sugar will keep you energized during the exam.  Not really after! But that’s OK
  7. Make sure to read each question multiple times to ensure that you understand it
  8. Think positively, try not to become upset.  If you don’t know something, move on



Hopefully these tips are helpful! Do you have any habits that help you succeed during an exam?! Share them in the comments?

Meal Prep

Meal Prep: For Busy Moms and Students

Since we live in a busy world, where we are always rushing somewhere. Whether, you’re a mom, student or working, you just don’t always have the time to cook, or I have no will to do so.  I know that many of you can relate to this.  Coming home from work or school, it’s already dark and all you want to do is to drink a glass of wine and relax.

I struggle to get up early enough in the morning to make sure that I have a lunch.  Buying lunch everyday is expensive and usually not as healthy.  I’ve decided to meal plan all of my lunches.  Yesterday, I cooked two large pots of “Mexican Rice” and “A Simple Pasta Recipe”. I will be recreating the pasta dish in another post at a later date.Meal Prep

The rice dish is an incredibly easy meal to cook and they take so little time.  They are healthy and full of nutrients. Feel free to modify them to your taste. This absolutely delicious rice dish is mildly spicy. Since I’m a fan of spicy food.  You can make this as spicy as you like or not at all.  This rice dish created roughly 7 full meals.



Mexican Rice

5 minPrep Time

20 minCook Time

25 minTotal Time

Save RecipeSave Recipe


  • 2 Cups of Brown Rice
  • 1 Cup of Frozen Corn
  • 1 Green Pepper
  • 2 Jalapenos (Optional)
  • 1/2 Cup of Salsa
  • 2 tbs of Cumin


  1. Cook Rice. Add all ingredients to pot. Cook on low until corn is defrosted. Let cool. Place in freezer bags and containers to keep in freezer.

I hope that you enjoy it! Tell me what you think in the comments! 



Date ideas

50 Creative Date Ideas for the Colder Seasons (Singles Friendly)

It’s officially cold where I live.  I rarely want to get out of the house.  Every day for the last three weeks it has been cold, dark and gray.  After spending so much time inside, I’ve come up with 50 Activities for the fall and winter.  These can be done as a couple, or with friends.  Most of them are also great for a relaxing alone time.

I believe it’s important to stay busy and have fun during the colder months.  It’s very easy to stay in bed all weekend.  Or just watch TV every evening after work.  Not only is being active healthy for you, it’s also very important to maintain a healthy relationship. Change things up. Try new things.  Enjoy the opportunities to make new happy memories. Just because it’s not beach weather, doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun!

Depending on where you live, you may have more or less opportunities available.  Do your research and see what’s available.  You’ll be surprise at what you can find.  Even a small place like my home has plenty of local entertainment and events.


date ideas

50 Creative Date Ideas for the Fall and Winter

  1. Watch a Harry Potter Marathon
  2. Look up new walking trails or hikes outside of the city
  3. Visit a local art gallery or museum
  4. Have a board-game night (check for a local board-game bar or cafe for new games to play)
  5. Take turns to cook each others favorite meals
  6. Go to the local market
  7. Try a new international restaurant
  8. Listen to a local bands show (often hosted by cafes)
  9. Go for a drive to a village outside the city and visit their local shops
  10. Play his or hers favorite video games

Date ideas

  1. Enjoy a glass of wine at a fancy restaurant
  2. Go appetizer hopping = share an appetizer at multiple restaurants
  3. Volunteer at a local event
  4. Bake something yummy and sweet
  5. Go and watch a football game together
  6. Go skiing or snowboarding
  7. Visit a sugar-shack and go for a sleigh ride
  8. Try skating
  9. Cuddle and read a book
  10. Create little surprise bags for each other, include treats and other little things that your date would enjoy


  1. Go on a coffee date
  2. See a movie in the old cinema
  3. Have a romantic evening with wine, a bath and massage
  4. Be extra nerdy and you each build a magic deck then play against each other
  5. Sit by a wood stove while sipping on hot cocoa
  6. Get your favorite desert at a restaurant and split it
  7. Go on a road trip
  8. Shop for a new set of lingerie together
  9. Have a dance party and listen to old favorites (Backstreet boys, Spice Girls…)
  10. Double date!

Date ideas

  1. Go to the gym together
  2. Run together
  3. Have a karaoke night
  4. Food prep the next weeks lunches together
  5. Start a new Netflix series
  6. Share each others favorite music
  7. Have a spicy salsa eating contest
  8. Volunteer together at a soup kitchen or a humane society
  9. Go to a play or the theater
  10.  Go to the pool



  1. Get a couple canvases and try painting
  2. Find a good priced happy hour
  3. Have a fall picnic
  4. Have a spa day. Face masks, teeth whitening and an Epson salt soak
  5. Visit an art gallery
  6. Shop and browse at local stores
  7. Walk downtown and visit the shops
  8. Become a tourist for a day, visit all the tourist areas
  9. Go for a walk on the beach during a nice winter day
  10. Go to a pancake breakfast

What activities do you enjoy the most during the colder seasons?! 

Date ideas

October Favourites: Lifestyle Edition

I must admit, my favourite blog posts and Youtube videos at the moment are mostly favourites.  Perhaps now that we all switch up our makeup, clothes, bags and accessories. I’m a bit more nosy.  Since it’s fall.  Well, more like winter here… The only thing that I want is to be comfy and warm.  I hate the cold.
October Fav

Ardene Slippers

I absolutely love these slippers.  They are comfortable and super cute! I wear them all around the house.  They keep my toes warm and they are not slippery.


I’ve been lighting the wood stove each night this week.  I love the smell of the burning wood and the heat it emits.  Lately, I’ve been sitting by the fire, with a big knitted blanket and a hot drink.  This is also where I have been writing the majority of my posts lately.

Horror movies

Each night, we have been watching a horror movie.  We’ve watched “Hush”, “The Purge” and “Poltergeist”.  These are all found on Netflix. I’m not the biggest fan of horror movies. But, my boyfriend loves them.  So I cave, and watch them with him, as long as he doesn’t make fun of me for jumping.

October fav

Going for walks

This October was beautiful.  The leaves were all sorts of reds, yellows and oranges.  Sadly, the majority of them are now gone after a windy weekend.  I did enjoy trail walking while it was pretty.  We would go on an hour walk each day. Now that it’s less then 10 degrees celsius, I’m a bit more hesitant to go outside.  I was not ready for this quick drop in temperature.

Big sweaters

I have been gathering a nice sweater collection within the last few years.  Each Christmas, I ask for a new sweater.  I enjoy wearing big bulky sweaters with tights.  (Fun Fact: I don’t wear jeans).  My workplace can sometimes get cold so I often wear sweaters to keep me warm.

Some great places to get some inexpensive sweaters include Winners, Bluenotes, and Forever 21. Try to step out of your comfort zone and wear some geometric, colorful and unique sweaters.  But don’t forget to have a nice white and a beige sweater.

Video Games

I’ve been playing a lot of video games these past few weeks.  I mostly play “Overwatch“.  It’s a first person shooter, all available for consoles and PC. The graphics are amazing.  The community is quite good.  Any level of gamer can play it.  The character choice is wonderful.  I would definitely recommend this game to anyone.


Elle adore

Going out outfit

Fashion: Going Out Outfits

I love dressing up and doing my makeup to go out.  I feel sexy in my heals.  I feel confident with a dress.  I take time to do my makeup because it’s fun.  You don’t have to get all dressed up to go out.  It’s just something that I enjoy.  Here are my current favourite outfit choices for fall 2016. It features a lot of black since that’s all that I wear.  (I have purple hair, so I struggle to wear any colours). These ideas are all from Pinterest.

Shoes are wonderful too.

What are your thoughts about these looks!?

Club Fashion