FitGirl : My Journey to Becoming Fit



  1. Gain Muscle = bulk.   (Gained 5lbs of muscle between Nov ’16 & Feb ’17)
  2. Get Lean = Cut (March & April 2017 mini cut.)
  3. Consistency = Workout 5-6 times a week. (Struggling because fatigue or social life, must improve)
  4. Body Confidence = View myself in a positive light (Improving, post about it later)
  5. Be more social = Yoga and Zumba classes (Trying)








I usually split each workout into these groups.  I tend to decide on a workout based on how that muscle group feels. (Has it been a while since I worked it? Does it feel weaker?) I’m currently on a mini cut so I have increased my cardio to 30 minutes each session with a couple cardio/ab sessions in between strength days. I’m currently cutting because I am going on a beach vacation in April.  This is a very small cut and a healthy one.  Just decreased my calorie intake slightly and increased my cardio.  Not doing anything fancy or crazy.



I’ve gained about 5 lbs since I started working out.  I certainly lost some fat and gained muscle.  My stomach is “flat”. (I have a lot of dietary issues so bloating is a daily problem.) I am significantly stronger, I am lifting higher weights. My endurance has also drastically increased when it comes to cardio.






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