Exam Prep: How to Stop Procrastinating


Procrastinating is something that we’ve all experienced. Some, more than others.  I tend to procrastinate when I have to do simple tasks such as call to make an appointment or go to the bank.  During my first few years in university, I procrastinated a little too much.  I would have to hurry up and complete big projects in a day or two instead of a week.  It harmed my grades. While attending my last few years of university, I vowed to stop procrastinating.  I needed to change.  Here is how I did it.  I’m not saying that I haven’t procrastinated since, but it’s rare.


Have a nice planner – I found after purchasing a more expensive and pretty planner, I’ve used it a lot.  For one, I spend the money and I don’t want to waste that.  Also, it’s super pretty.  Brownline Academic Monthly Planner. Schedule everything that you have to do, and start each project long before it’s due date.  Block off specific hours of the day to work on each activity. Stick with this schedule.


Leave your phone alone – Technology is both our best friend and our enemy.  It gives us access to so much information.  However, technology is a source of entertainment.  Perfect for distracting students.  Keep your phone in your bag or even locked in your car.  Do not touch it.  If you’re using a computer to study, do not open your social media.  If you are just typing something up, even disconnect the internet.


Take short breaks more often – When I say a short break, that means a good 10 minute break.  Go for a walk, get some water and some fresh air.  Don’t just browse the internet.  Take a nice break every 30 to 45 minutes of intense studying.  This is great because you have a time limit to study.  Perhaps, that will push you to study more intensely and without distractions.  


Study Alone –  Study in a quiet distraction free area. Do not study in loud common rooms or lounges.  Study in a place where other students are studying well.  Do not study with friends who will talk or distract you.


Set goals –  Create goals.  These goals should include a task and the time limit to complete it.  This will hopefully be motivating enough to stay on task.


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