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50 Creative Date Ideas for the Colder Seasons (Singles Friendly)

It’s officially cold where I live.  I rarely want to get out of the house.  Every day for the last three weeks it has been cold, dark and gray.  After spending so much time inside, I’ve come up with 50 Activities for the fall and winter.  These can be done as a couple, or with friends.  Most of them are also great for a relaxing alone time.

I believe it’s important to stay busy and have fun during the colder months.  It’s very easy to stay in bed all weekend.  Or just watch TV every evening after work.  Not only is being active healthy for you, it’s also very important to maintain a healthy relationship. Change things up. Try new things.  Enjoy the opportunities to make new happy memories. Just because it’s not beach weather, doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun!

Depending on where you live, you may have more or less opportunities available.  Do your research and see what’s available.  You’ll be surprise at what you can find.  Even a small place like my home has plenty of local entertainment and events.


date ideas

50 Creative Date Ideas for the Fall and Winter

  1. Watch a Harry Potter Marathon
  2. Look up new walking trails or hikes outside of the city
  3. Visit a local art gallery or museum
  4. Have a board-game night (check for a local board-game bar or cafe for new games to play)
  5. Take turns to cook each others favorite meals
  6. Go to the local market
  7. Try a new international restaurant
  8. Listen to a local bands show (often hosted by cafes)
  9. Go for a drive to a village outside the city and visit their local shops
  10. Play his or hers favorite video games

Date ideas

  1. Enjoy a glass of wine at a fancy restaurant
  2. Go appetizer hopping = share an appetizer at multiple restaurants
  3. Volunteer at a local event
  4. Bake something yummy and sweet
  5. Go and watch a football game together
  6. Go skiing or snowboarding
  7. Visit a sugar-shack and go for a sleigh ride
  8. Try skating
  9. Cuddle and read a book
  10. Create little surprise bags for each other, include treats and other little things that your date would enjoy


  1. Go on a coffee date
  2. See a movie in the old cinema
  3. Have a romantic evening with wine, a bath and massage
  4. Be extra nerdy and you each build a magic deck then play against each other
  5. Sit by a wood stove while sipping on hot cocoa
  6. Get your favorite desert at a restaurant and split it
  7. Go on a road trip
  8. Shop for a new set of lingerie together
  9. Have a dance party and listen to old favorites (Backstreet boys, Spice Girls…)
  10. Double date!

Date ideas

  1. Go to the gym together
  2. Run together
  3. Have a karaoke night
  4. Food prep the next weeks lunches together
  5. Start a new Netflix series
  6. Share each others favorite music
  7. Have a spicy salsa eating contest
  8. Volunteer together at a soup kitchen or a humane society
  9. Go to a play or the theater
  10.  Go to the pool



  1. Get a couple canvases and try painting
  2. Find a good priced happy hour
  3. Have a fall picnic
  4. Have a spa day. Face masks, teeth whitening and an Epson salt soak
  5. Visit an art gallery
  6. Shop and browse at local stores
  7. Walk downtown and visit the shops
  8. Become a tourist for a day, visit all the tourist areas
  9. Go for a walk on the beach during a nice winter day
  10. Go to a pancake breakfast

What activities do you enjoy the most during the colder seasons?!