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October Favourites: Lifestyle Edition

I must admit, my favourite blog posts and Youtube videos at the moment are mostly favourites.  Perhaps now that we all switch up our makeup, clothes, bags and accessories. I’m a bit more nosy.  Since it’s fall.  Well, more like winter here… The only thing that I want is to be comfy and warm.  I hate the cold.
October Fav

Ardene Slippers

I absolutely love these slippers.  They are comfortable and super cute! I wear them all around the house.  They keep my toes warm and they are not slippery.


I’ve been lighting the wood stove each night this week.  I love the smell of the burning wood and the heat it emits.  Lately, I’ve been sitting by the fire, with a big knitted blanket and a hot drink.  This is also where I have been writing the majority of my posts lately.

Horror movies

Each night, we have been watching a horror movie.  We’ve watched “Hush”, “The Purge” and “Poltergeist”.  These are all found on Netflix. I’m not the biggest fan of horror movies. But, my boyfriend loves them.  So I cave, and watch them with him, as long as he doesn’t make fun of me for jumping.

October fav

Going for walks

This October was beautiful.  The leaves were all sorts of reds, yellows and oranges.  Sadly, the majority of them are now gone after a windy weekend.  I did enjoy trail walking while it was pretty.  We would go on an hour walk each day. Now that it’s less then 10 degrees celsius, I’m a bit more hesitant to go outside.  I was not ready for this quick drop in temperature.

Big sweaters

I have been gathering a nice sweater collection within the last few years.  Each Christmas, I ask for a new sweater.  I enjoy wearing big bulky sweaters with tights.  (Fun Fact: I don’t wear jeans).  My workplace can sometimes get cold so I often wear sweaters to keep me warm.

Some great places to get some inexpensive sweaters include Winners, Bluenotes, and Forever 21. Try to step out of your comfort zone and wear some geometric, colorful and unique sweaters.  But don’t forget to have a nice white and a beige sweater.

Video Games

I’ve been playing a lot of video games these past few weeks.  I mostly play “Overwatch“.  It’s a first person shooter, all available for consoles and PC. The graphics are amazing.  The community is quite good.  Any level of gamer can play it.  The character choice is wonderful.  I would definitely recommend this game to anyone.


Elle adore

Going out outfit

Fashion: Going Out Outfits

I love dressing up and doing my makeup to go out.  I feel sexy in my heals.  I feel confident with a dress.  I take time to do my makeup because it’s fun.  You don’t have to get all dressed up to go out.  It’s just something that I enjoy.  Here are my current favourite outfit choices for fall 2016. It features a lot of black since that’s all that I wear.  (I have purple hair, so I struggle to wear any colours). These ideas are all from Pinterest.

Shoes are wonderful too.

What are your thoughts about these looks!?

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